Inspiring Tomorrows Generation
The Future Belongs To Those Who See Possibilities Today
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Inspiring Tomorrows Generation
The Future Belongs To Those Who See Possibilities Today
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We Offer A Wide Range Of High Quality Of Teaching And Extra-Curricular Activities.

Why Choose Us?

With the advance in technology, everybody wants to walk or ahead of time. But it is not that much easy task. Students work hard to get a reputed degree to earn a handsome living. Here comes the need for a counselor to help them choose the best study plan in modern and internationally organized universities. Most of the Pakistani students who wish to study Overseas as International degrees holds more value than local ones. Most of the subjects of international value are not offered in our local universities like advanced level Medical and Technical studies. There is also a problem of fix seats limited laboratory and research facilities in our local universities. So students opt to study abroad to find all these facilities of quality education and sufficient experimental opportunities. But they have any questions while making this decision like How and Why to choose a specific country? Which institution suits your study goals the best?

Working Areas

Our Main Working Areas Are:

We provide best consultation to students related to their field of study and the best countries for their bright future.

We provide the best visit visa consultation to people and make their vacations the best part of their life.

Migration is a very sensitive case and we give the best pieces of advice to the people and guide them about rules and laws of countries and best choices of countries.

We guide our clients about their legal issues and help out them in true manners.

We have the best instruction who have the best experience and provide level best coachingthe to th estudentsstudents.

On bussiness


Providing IELTS/ spoken English classes to the students also prepare students for their University and Embassy interview.


Corporate Council was established in the first quarter of 2009 as a specialist Business Development, providing visa counseling services to corporate and small business and individual clients within Pakistan and those for relocating to Pakistan


Realising that migrants of get the Wring advice, little support from the government departments and due to the dynamics of the ever-changing and highly complex immigration regulations and law, we started specializing in the provision of legal Advisors

The ease of Working with Corporate Counsel

We treat all our clients like a family by provide them best facilities, advices, and help in every step of visa and legal issues.

We are always here to serve you .

Our Steps:

Provide free discussion over phone calls and office visits.

Help students to choose the best destination.

Help Client according to budget and give them options available.

Prepare student applications according to the university checklist.

Prepare student’s visa file and help them till final decision.

Highlighted destinations

Language Courses

Study In Abroad

Law Association

Updates About Universities

Covering topics of upcoming classes and Organisation events





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