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The IELTS test was created in 1989 to determine “if candidates are prepared to train in the English language.” It is currently widely utilised for this purpose all over the world. Students must choose between taking the Academic IELTS test or the General Training IELTS test, depending on the degree of study they intend to pursue. This decision must be made when submitting an application to take the test. Students who wish to study at university (undergraduate or postgraduate studies) must take the Academic IELTS test, which assesses their ability to understand and apply sophisticated academic language. The General¬†Training Other institutions, such as colleges and high schools, demand the IELTS exam for courses that need less advanced language abilities, and it is also used as a generic test of English competence for purposes such as immigration to Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.


The TOEFL (marked) is a test that assesses a person’s ability to use and understand English in a wide range of situations. Many English-speaking colleges and universities require it as a condition of admission for non-native English speakers. Furthermore, this test may be required by organisations such as government agencies, licencing authorities, enterprises, or scholarship programmes. A TOEFL result is valid for two years before it is no longer officially recorded since a candidate’s language skills may have altered significantly since the test date. Only the most current TOEFL score is often accepted by colleges and institutions. Educational Testing Service (ETS) has a trademark for the TOEFL test, which is given all over the world. A 16-member board advises on the policies that govern the TOEFL programme. Members of the board come from a variety of backgrounds, including undergraduate and graduate schools, 2-year institutions, and governmental or private organisations that focus on international education. Others are experts in the subject of English as a second or foreign language.

spoken english

We created the fluent English course to address the unique situation in Pakistan, where the majority of people have studied English in school, can read and write it, but cannot speak it fluently. The objective, scope, and technique of this course differ from those given by other Pakistani institutions. As a result, the goal of this course is to increase a person’s ability to talk in a polite manner.

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